Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Right is Wrong @ Ely

Right is Wrong @ Ely, originally uploaded by propboy.

Look At Art

Look At Art, originally uploaded by propboy.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Better Save Your Shit!

Better Save Your Shit!, originally uploaded by propboy.

It's a long, long, long, boring story...

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Straphanger, originally uploaded by propboy.

I am so installing one of these in my bathroom.


Smile, originally uploaded by propboy.

Coney Island USA Party

Last night I watched a man eat a lightbulb.

At Union Pool in Williamsburg last night the fine folks of Coney Island USA had a membership drive party, and my friend and stalwart Mermaid Parade enthusiast Kate Dale invited me to go. And after seeing what was to be going on it was impossible to say no. Among other things, here's what I saw. (Sorry they're so dark. But really, I'm surprised my cameraphone picked up anything in the low light.)

This guy drove a nail, an icepick, and finally the handle of a spoon into his nose. At a ninety degree angle to his face, straight in. He also tripped a small bear trap-style spring trap on his hand. Didn't get a shot of those, but I did get this one of him snapping a rat trap onto his tongue.

Rat Trap

This wack-ass guy from Germany first suspended two chairs from his earlobes and swung them around the room. Then he put a rubber glove on his head and inflated it. (I wonder if he knows that this was part of Howie Mandel's act in the 80's?)


Glovehead Inflated

He then... well... perhaps it's better to just show you.

Balloon Swallow I

Balloon Swallow II

Balloon Swallow III

Balloon Swallow IV

He swallowed the whole damn thing, and his stomach was bulging when he left the stage. I thought a better closer would have been to somehow pop the balloon and then cut loose with the longest, loudest belch in history, but maybe that's just me.

The Master of Ceremonies was Todd Robbins, Post-Modern Master of the Sideshow. And here he is, eating the aforementioned lightbulb.

Todd Robbins, eating a lightbulb


He really ate it, swear to god. I touched it before he did it; in fact he'd been using the same lightbulb to light the earlier acts before he went on. I talked to him afterwards and he explained it to me a bit. I had already figured out that he pretty much just grinds the glass down to a fine powder before he washes it down with a bottle of water. Makes a disturbing kind of sense that it would work. However, he said that if you grind it down too fine it permeates your stomach lining and can really screw you up....

Todd Robbins, balloon thru the nose

It's hard to see in this shot, but here he took a balloon like the one pictured above, put about six inches of air into it, and passed it through his nose, out his mouth, and squeezed the bubble of air back and forth. After the show my friend Jeff wanted to know if it was possible to go in one nostril and out the other, and while it's more difficult, Todd assured him that he could do that too.

All in all, and incredibly entertaining evening. I didn't get a shot of the lovely young girl demonstrating sword swallowing, something I shall regret for a very long time. The band, Rick Fink and His Gas House Gorillas, was GREAT. Todd made a point of saying that this summer could well be the last time you'll get to see Coney Island in it's current form, what with the news of impending developments. So do yourself a favor this summer and get yourself to Coney Island. And if you can only make it once, make sure you hit the annual Mermaid Parade, one of the grandest things you can do in the summer in New York City.

R2D2 Where Are You Going?

R2D2 Where Are You Going?, originally uploaded by propboy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Madstone made of DUROCK

Madstone made of DUROCK, originally uploaded by propboy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

East Village Mosaic Man

East Village Mosaic Man, originally uploaded by propboy.

Grandpa's Xbox

Grandpa's Xbox, originally uploaded by propboy.

Occasionally I like to play around with Photoshop as a creative outlet, and stuff like this falls out of my brain. I did this one last month for a contest on Worth1000.com, and it took first place in a recent "Vintage Products" contest.


If you click on the link and go to my Flickr page you can see a bigger version.

Reserved for Paulie

Reserved for Paulie, originally uploaded by propboy.

Paulie is a homeless guy who can often be seen sitting in front of the MUD Truck at Astor Place. One morning he wasn't there, but the 'truckers wanted to make sure he wouldn't lose his spot.

Felix in the Sun

Felix in the Sun, originally uploaded by propboy.

Oscar and Felix

The Boys, originally uploaded by propboy.

These are my dogs, my roomates, my little canine odd couple. They can be seen on a daily basis at the Tompkins Square small dog run. If you see us, say hello!


omen, originally uploaded by propboy.


RADAR Tape, originally uploaded by propboy.

This tape from the new magazine RADAR is everwhere in the Village right now, and I have to say it's super annoying.


Lepos, originally uploaded by propboy.

This is Lepos. He is lost. I spotted him on 11th st btw 1st and A. For more info:


Mud Trucking

Mud Trucking, originally uploaded by propboy.

This is the Mud Truck. It sells coffee at Astor Place. If it was not there, I am not sure how I would survive on a daily basis.

If you find yourself in the East Village at Astor Place, stop by and get yourself a cup o' coffee. You won't be disappointed.

Sloth Loves St. Mark's Place

Sloth Loves St. Mark's Place, originally uploaded by propboy.

GBW Poop Flag

GBW Poop Flag, originally uploaded by propboy.

Spotted on 10th btw 1st and A. Speaks for itself, don't you think?


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